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Accelerate your workflow with PreciPoint Dual Digital Microscope and Scanners

The Fritz, M8 and O8 all-in-one microscope and slide scanners from PreciPoint offer completely new possibilities for your workflow, with all functions accessible via a touchscreen computer – making it a true digital microscope. Intuitive software makes it easy to navigate through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers. Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with objectives ranging from 20X to 100X in oil or air.

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Key Features

A microscope and scanner combined into one device

  • Fritz
  • M8
  • O8

The Precipoint all-in-one devices offer entirely new possibilities for your workflow. All models have the ability to perform Live and Slide Scanning modes, enabling the systems to function as both a microscope and a scanner. This allows you to work directly on your sample, perform various analyses, and scan your slides for documentation and future viewing. The M8 and O8 are specially equipped with a third function: InstantScan. This mode provides a live-updating, user-defined image stitching mode for on-demand imaging needs.

Live Mode

The Live Mode offers the capabilities of a digital microscope. See the sample live, and zoom through the sample to view different layers and structures in your specimen. The overview image helps you to orientate and navigate.

InstantScan Mode*

The InstantScan mode is unique to PreciPoint. It gives you a large field of view of a digital scan with the speed of a microscope. Access a 15 x 15 mm area within seconds at high resolution. Perform analyses, look for rare happenings, make annotations, take notes, and then digitize everything. Generate all the reports you need.

Slide Scan Mode

Achieve highest quality scans to digitize your microscope slides. Scanning your selected region of interest (ROI) or whole slide imaging (WSI) is possible, regardless of the sample’s thickness, size, and difficulty (e.g. cytology and osteology slides).

* InstantScan Mode not available on the Fritz

Whole slide scanning

Bone marrow – 100X oil objective, acquired with PreciPoint O8

Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with objectives ranging from 20X air to 100X oil

For the first time, users are offered the possibility to generate scanned whole slide images with both air and oil objectives in the highest quality. The resulting images are stunning. The PreciPoint is a great working tool for various applications, allowing completely new use cases. The availability of digital whole slide images helps users to simplify and standardize their work, thereby increasing efficiency and quality.

Benefits of whole slide scanning

  • Connect different sites and locations with digital images
  • Create networked and centralized support and service
  • Work with and share same slides to your audience
  • Decrease turnaround times
  • Save shipping costs
  • Enhance and promote quality through standardization

Interactive Examples

Variety of applications tailored to diverse workflows

  • Fritz
  • M8
  • O8


  • Speeds research by quickly digitizing images
  • Ergonomic large touch screen makes long research hours easier
  • Increases accuracy with annotation tools
  • High quality slides scans for publications and documentation
  • Work from home with virtual microscopy
  • Receive consultations with remote control immediately


  • Project microscope onto large screen when exploring specimen
  • Eliminates need for a microscope and slide per student
  • Provide comprehensive overview in high quality
  • Annotate samples together live
  • Scan and share images after class
  • Work from home, create virtual classrooms

Remote Control

  • Access samples from anywhere at any time Save travel time and shipping costs
  • Work from home, virtually consult colleagues
  • Have full control of the microscope without directing technician
  • Save scan wait time
  • Eliminate on-call traveling physicians


  • Project microscope onto large screen when exploring specimen
  • Overview image helps you and the audience to orientate
  • Provide comprehensive overview in high quality
  • View and analyze live images together
  • Remote presentations possible
  • Save travel time and shipping costs

Live remote control

  • Fritz
  • M8
  • O8

Access from anywhere at any time from any PreciPoint system

Users can log in from anywhere in the world, directly steer the microscope live, offer their opinions remotely, and even participate in consultations from their own offices. These are a few of the many benefits offered with its live remote control capabilities. You no longer have to use hefty dual or multi-headed microscopes. No more scanning the sample beforehand. No more traveling. No more shipping slides.

Benefits of live remote control

  • Access samples from anywhere at any time
  • Simultaneous viewing for multiple users for second opinions
  • Top image quality with a large field of view within seconds
  • View different layers with manual focus plane adjustment
  • Save travel time and shipping costs
  • Save scan waiting time
  • No worries about scanner sensitivity and unfocused images
  • Easy handling and cleaning whenswitching between fresh sample slides

At a glance

A comparison of the three Precipoint systems

For complete specifications on the Fritz, M8, and O8, click here.

German engineering at its best

Since 1982, PreciPoint has made more than 15,000 installations of diverse systems and devices all over the globe. The systems are produced in Germany and made to the highest German engineering standards. PreciPoint's key competence is the digitization of measurement and automation technology in the field of microscopy and micropositioning systems.

Manufacturer: PreciPoint GmbH
Distributor: Nikon Instruments Inc.