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Zoom Stereomicroscopes


SMZ445 SMZ460
Type: Twin zooming objective optical system
Total magnification: 8x ~ 35x (4x ~ 70x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens) 7x ~ 30x (3.5x ~ 60x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens)
Eyepiece: SM 10xB eyepieces (F.N. 21), SM 15xB eyepieces (F.N.14), SM 20xB eyepieces (F.N. 12)
Zoom range: 0.8x ~ 3.5x (Zoom ratio: 4.4:1) 0.7x ~ 3x (Zoom ratio: 4.3:1)
Auxiliary objective lens: AL0.5x, 0.7x (optional)
Working distance: 100mm (standard configuration), 127.5mm (AL0.7x), 181mm (AL0.5x)
Eyepiece inclination: 45º 60º
Optical system: True erect image, 12º inner bevel, independent adjustment of right and left eyepieces, and 54 to 75mm interpupillary adjustment
Weight (Zooming body): Approx. 1.0kg Approx. 1.1kg