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Zoom Stereomicroscopes


Optical systemParallel-optics type (zooming type)
Zoom ratio12.7 : 1
Zoom range0.63 - 8x (0.63/1/2/3/4/6/8x stops)
Total magnification3.15 - 480x (depending on eyepiece and objectives)
(with coaxial episcopic illuminator: 15 - 540x)
TubesEyepiece inclination: 20° (P-B Binocular Tube) / 15° (P-TL100 Trinocular Tube) / 0°-30° (P-TERG100 Trinocular Tilting Tube, P-TERG50 Trinocular Tilting Tube)
EyepiecesC-W10xB (F.N. 22), C-W15x (F.N. 16), C-W20x (F.N. 12.5), C-W30x (F.N. 7)
ObjectivesPlan Apo 0.5x/WF, Plan Apo 0.75x/WF, Plan Apo 1x/WF, ED Plan 1.5x/WF, ED Plan 2x/WF
Working distance70 mm (with Plan Apo 1x/WF)
Weight (approx.)9.8 kg (with P-B Binocular Tube+ P-DSL32 LED Diascopic Illumination Stand)11.9 kg (with P-TERG100 Trinocular Tilting Tube + P-DSL32 LED Diascopic Illumination Stand)