Yokogawa CSU Series

Yokogawa Spinning Disk Field Scanning Confocal Systems


Confocal Scanning Method Microlens-enhanced Nipkow disk scanning with additional microlensed emission pinhole SoRa disk Microlens‐enhanced Nipkow disk scanning
Maximum Disk Speed 4,000 RPM 5,000 or 10,000 RPM
External synchronization Scan‐speed synchronization through TTL input
Disk Unit 50um or 25um, and second SoRa super resolution disk, motorized 50um or 25um (up to 2) motorized 50um
Lens-switched light path 1x, 2.8x, and 4x magnfication n/a
Brightfield n/a Optional motorized brightfield bypass
Field of View

61x57um @ 100x in SoRa mode

71x67um@ 60x in SoRa mode

17x16mm maximum 10x7mm
Excitation Wavelengths 405-640nm 405nm to 785nm 405nm to 647nm
Laser Introduction Single mode optical fiber
Excitation Shutter Built‐in mechanical shutter
Dichroic Mirror 3 position motorized 3 position motorized or 1 position manual
Emission Filter wheel 10 position 6 or 12 position
External Control RS‐232C
Microscope Mount Direct microscope coupler C‐Mount coupler
Camera adapter C‐mount 1x (variable magnifications available to match sensor sizes)
Operating Environment 15‐35°C, 20‐75% RH 15‐40°C, 20‐75% RH
Power Input: 100‐240 VAC +/‐ 10%, 50/60 Hz
Microscope Compatibility Ti2 series, Ti series Ti2 series, Ti series, Ni series, FN1 series