Service Contracts

Preventative Maintenance

As with any piece of equipment, to keep it running reliably and to prevent unexpected downtimes, preventative maintenance is key. Preventative maintenance frequency can vary depending on the system, it is generally considered proper to have the equipment serviced approximately every year.

If your product is due for a checkup or maintenance, please click here to schedule an appointment from our service network.

Extended Service Contracts

Depending on the type of equipment, and the potential loss due to downtime, it is often recommended to purchase an additional service contract. These contracts range depending on the level of service needed but all will help you minimize any downtime, and keep up with regular maintenance check ups in a consistent and affordable manner.

Some of the other benefits to a Nikon service plan are:

  • Access to the Nikon Certified service and support network
  • Free consultation with Authorized Nikon technical experts via web or phone to troubleshoot and take care of some types of repairs
  • Free version NIS-Elements Software updates
  • Parts and Labor are included to avoid any unexpected expenses.
  • Pre approved repair and service authorization- No purchase order is required
  • Flexible plans offer cost effective options with substantial savings over list price
  • Plans can be suited to your individual needs.