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Inverted Research Microscope


Ts2R Ts2R-FL
Optical System CFI60 Infinity Optical System
Observation method Brightfield, Apodized Phase Contrast*1, Phase Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast*2, DIC, Emboss Contrast*3, Spindle Observation Brightfield, Apodized Phase Contrast*1, Phase Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast*2, DIC, Emboss Contrast*3, Epi-Fluorescence, Spindle Observation
High luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination), Built-in Fly eye lens
LED illuminator, built-in Fly eye lens;
can be configured with up to 4 different fluorescence LED units (available wavelengths: 385, 455, 470, 505, 525, 560, 590, 625 nm)
  • Binocular tube: Inclination: 35 degree
  • Ergonomic tube: Inclination:15-45 degree
  • Siedentopf type, Pupillary distance: 50-75 mm
  • Attachable camera port
Eyepiece(F.O.V.) 10X (22), 12.5X (16), 15X (14.5)
Camera Port (Eyepiece:Port)

• TS2R-P-CF 100:0/0:100
• TS2R-P-CH 100:0/20:80
• TS2R-P-CHL 100:0/50:50

Focusing Via nosepiece up/down movement, Stroke (manual): Up 8 mm, down 3 mm
Coarse stroke: 5.0 mm per rotation, Fine stroke: 0.1 mm per rotation, Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing mechanism mounted
Nosepiece Sextuple nosepiece, With DIC prism slots
Condenser Condenser turret, mount up to 7 modules: Phase Contrast, DIC, NAMC, IMSI, Emboss Contrast and ND for Bright Field
Use with any one of ELWD condenser lens, LWD condenser lens and NAMC condenser lens

• Pre-centered or Centering PH Slider, 10x, 20x, 40x Objectives available for Phase Contrast
• Emboss Contrast sliders(eyepiece-tube-side slider must be mounted), 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x objectives available for Emboss Contrast


• Plain Stage, Stage Size 260 (X) x300 (Y) mm with two types of Stage Ring
• Rectangular Mechanical Stage Stroke: 114 (X) x73 (Y) mm
Adjustable XY stroke limit
Accepts 8 types of micro-testplate, well clamper and stage clip


• C-S-HP35 Petridish Holder 35 mm
• C-S-HLP100 Petridish Holder 100 mm
• C-S-HT Terasaki Holder for Terasaki plate and φ65 dish
• C-S-HS Slide Glass Holder for glass slides, φ54 dish and hemocytometer
• C-S-HU Universal Holder for Terasaki plate, glass slide, φ35-65 dish and hemocytometer
• C-S-HG Glass Ring Holder
• C-S-HLS Ring Holder Set
• TC-S-HA Acrylic Holder

Epi Fluorescence attachment Epi-fluorescence filter turret (with main body)
Filter cubes with noise terminator mechanism
Configure with up to 4 Epi-fluorescence filter cubes, one position is used during bright-field observation
Attachable Contrast Shield (optional; LWD,ELWD)
Dimensions 286 (W) ×466 (D) ×542 (H) mm 286 (W) ×466 (D) ×542 (H) mm
Weight(approx.) 17kg 18kg
Rated Voltage/Electric Current 100V-240V, Less than 0.65A
Power Consumption 30W

*1 APC (Apodized Phase Contrast) is a type of phase contrast observation with reduced halo, thanks to Nikon’s unique lens coating.
*2 NAMC (Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast) is Nikon’s unique modulation contrast observation method which provides stereoscopic images similar to DIC observation, even with samples on plastic dishes.
*3 Emboss Contrast is Nikon’s unique contrast observation method. It provides pseudo-three-dimensional images using focal illumination, which gives high contrast to samples.

System Diagrams