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Motorized inverted microscope for ICSI and IMSI

Innovating the ICSI workflow

Intuitive operation and streamlined design reliably support an enhanced user experience

Improving Workflow Efficiency
The ECLIPSE Ti2-I includes new features to simplify your workflow and streamline your processes

Easy Operation
Microscope control with minimal operation to save you time at the microscope

Unique Design to Increase Confidence
Intuitive design with clear visibility of the microscope settings for your convenience

High Optical Quality
Nikon’s renowned optics provide high levels of clarity and overall optical performance

This product complies with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 concerning medical devices. Please contact your local distributors or in-country representative for product availability in the country concerned.

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New Nikon solution to simplify your workflow

Save time switching observation modes with the push of a button

The ECLIPSE Ti2-I features motorized observation mode switching. You can quickly switch to the registered observation mode with a single button press.

Settings integrated into one button for your convenience

With conventional microscopes, it was necessary to operate and optimize multiple parts of the microscope for each observation mode, such as oocyte observation or sperm injection.

However, with the ECLIPSE Ti2-I, microscope optical settings for switching observation modes are integrated into a single button. This can be completely programmed to user preferences; even complex microscope operations can be completed with one touch.

Perform complicated microscope operations with a single button

Simplified ICSI workflow

Microscopes require specific settings for each observation during assisted reproduction techniques (ART) such as ICSI and IMSI. The ECLIPSE Ti2-I requires only one button press to alter multiple settings when changing observations. This dramatically refines the workflow and improves efficiency in ICSI which requires frequent changes in observation methods.

Microscope control with minimal controls

I don't want to spend a lot of time operating a microscope.

Buttons can be operated while looking through the microscope.

Mode switching buttons with superior operability

Control systems such as buttons are all in one place for ease of use. Motorized observation mode switching is available with just one push of a button. The microscope can be operated with minimal hand movements, allowing you to focus completely on ICSI technique.

Observation modes can be allocated to four mode buttons and two function buttons. This enables registration for observations at different magnifications, IMSI or spindle observations, and also supports the introduction of other types of observation such as laser observation.

Automatically reproduce the adjusted brightness

The ECLIPSE Ti2-I includes the light intensity management (LIM) function developed by Nikon. This automatically stores any changes to brightness settings which helps avoid drastic changes in brightness when switching magnification or observation mode, improving work efficiency and helping to mitigate eye strain.

Intuitive design with clear visibility of microscope settings

I want to reduce the time required to learn controls.

Display showing microscope status

The currently selected observation mode can be easily checked on the LCD display. The settings are clear and easy to understand for all users of the microscope. The registration settings for each mode can be confirmed using intuitive icons on the detailed information screen.

Alerts on setting errors

If the microscope settings do not match the registered configuration, a warning will be displayed. You can check on the screen where you need to make corrections. This makes it easier to notice setting errors and reduces operational mistakes.

Renowned high-quality optics for detailed observation

I want to have confidence in what I'm doing.

Using circularly polarized light, the spindle in the focal plane is displayed in color in all directions.

Images of the spindle displayed in color. The arrows indicate the position of the spindle.

Image courtesy of: Reproduction Clinic Tokyo

Color display of spindle in all directions

The ECLIPSE Ti2-I is compatible with spindle observation. With this technique, the spindle is displayed in red or blue and can be clearly identified. As it is an omnidirectional method, the spindle is easy to see, even if the orientation of the oocyte is changed. This is a powerful tool to support those who want to capture spindles reliably.

Achieving clearer and brighter observation

The brightness of the field of view when looking through the eyepiece has been significantly improved. You can observe oocytes and sperm more clearly than ever before. Nikon’s high-quality objectives enable observation of colorless and transparent oocytes and sperm by adding relief-like shading.

IMSI observation

The 60X and 100X objectives allow for clear identification of fine structures, making them ideal for IMSI.

Vacuoles in the sperm head can be observed (100X objective)

Image courtesy of: Fujita Health University

CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD 60XC (left)
CFI Plan Achromat LWD IMSI 100XC (right)

Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast (NAMC) observation

The direction of contrast can be adjusted by rotating the modulator in the objective. Plastic dishes can be used.

A sperm in the pipette can be clearly observed.

Image courtesy of: The Ronald O. Perelman and Claudia Cohen Center for Reproductive Medicine

CFI S Plan Fluor ELWD NAMC 40XC (left)
CFI Achromat LWD NAMC 40XC (right)

Supporting ICSI through increasingly improved operability

  • The ergonomic tube enables the eyepiece height to be adjusted to the user’s eye point, ensuring a comfortable posture.

  • The touch panel LCD display allows the observation mode to be switched by touching the observation mode name. The touch panel display can be operated even with gloves on, reducing operation time.

  • The intermediate magnification switching knob enables images to be magnified 1.5x while maintaining image quality, without the need to change objectives.

  • Long-life LED illumination provides bright images even during high-magnification observation. Recording and automatic reproduction of adjusted brightnesses has also been achieved.

  • Since the operating buttons are provided on the microscope body, no external controller is required. The space-saving design of the ECLIPSE Ti2-I with a built-in control box for the motorized units allows effective use of space on the clean bench.

Monitor images are simulated.