Life Sciences

Life science encompasses a range of fields, from basic research disciplines such as cell biology and biophysics, to biotechnology and pharmaceutical research and development. The microscope is a remarkably essential tool throughout life science research, being applied to the observation of model systems ranging from in vitro cell cultures to tissues, organoids, and whole organisms. Navigating the available options can be daunting for the researcher trying to identify the best tool for a given model system and experiment.

Nikon is committed to supporting a great range of microscopes and imaging techniques with integrated system solutions that prioritize both reliability and flexibility. We provide everything from basic manual microscopes to fully automated systems for advanced imaging techniques, including confocal, multiphoton, and super-resolution microscopies. All instruments are seamlessly integrated in our NIS-Elements microscope imaging and analysis software.

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Deep Learning in Microscopy

Discussion of the role of artificial intelligence in microscopy image analysis, including use of Nikon’s deep learning-based software analysis modules.

Drug Discovery

System solutions for screening drug candidates, including products for high content imaging for large numbers of samples.


Nikon upright microscopes and related products for use in patch-clamp recording experiments, as well as complementary optogenetics methods.

Live Cell Imaging

Imaging system options for probing the dynamics of live cells and other cell-based models in a research setting.


Microscope and micromanipulation products for microinjection of cells and tissues with various agents.

Nano-Scale Imaging

Advanced imaging systems for performing super-resolution microscopy, including methods such as STORM and SIM.

Organoid and Organ-on-a-chip Imaging

Products supporting the observation of challenging 3D cell culture systems such as spheroids, organoids, and commercially produced organ-chips.

Regenerative Medicine

Nikon microscope products designed for the unique challenges of culturing cells for regenerative medicine.

Tissue Culture

Inverted tissue culture microscopes and related products for routine observation of in vitro cell cultures used in research.

Whole Organism and Tissue Imaging

Technologies supporting deep imaging in challenging optical environments, such as thick tissues and whole model organisms.