Nikon's New Eclipse MA100 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Delivers Rapid Production Inspection Capability

Oct 30, 2006

Outstanding Materials Analysis at all Magnification Levels

Nikon Instruments Inc., a leader in the development of advanced optical technology, today announced the MA100, a new compact inverted microscope designed for the routine observation and analysis of prepped material and metallurgical samples in the automotive, aerospace, medical device and electronics industry.

The small size footprint of the Eclipse MA100 makes this an affordable inverted microscope with outstanding optical performance, ideal for in-line sample inspection for the manufacturing, production and assembly environments that require quality control of materials.

The MA100 delivers clear bright images at every magnification and can be connected to digital cameras and image analysis software for seamless digital image processing. Using the Nikon Digital Sight Camera and the NIS-Elements software combination enables easy image capture and powerful image analysis. Users needing to observe, inspect, save images and perform materials analysis of industrial parts will find that the MA100 delivers first class optical inspection quality at a modest price.

"Nikon's Eclipse MA100 is the perfect inspection solution for microscopic materials analysis to support manufacturing and quality control environments," said Mike Metzger, general manager, Industrial Systems Division, Nikon Instruments Inc. "The MA100 is a powerful inspection microscope that users can cost effectively evolve into a compact digital imaging platform."

The MA100 features Nikon's acclaimed CFI60 objective lenses which produce high resolution and high contrast images because of the large Objective lens barrel size and unique optical design. Users will also appreciate the advanced functionality of the new polarizer/ analyzer single- action mechanism and the durable new XY stage designed specifically to smoothly handle large, heavier samples.

Designed for a wide range of users, the MA100 is suitable for use from the inexperienced novice to the distinguished material scientist and incorporates a number of design features that make the microscope easy to use while sitting or standing. All users can perform their jobs easily, quickly and safely.