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Nikon's Digital Eclipse C1 Microscope System Delivers High Resolution Confocal Images at Sensible Price

Nov 21, 2001

Nikon's C1 Digital Eclipse Modular Confocal Microscope System delivers 3 dimensional confocal fluorescent images with unsurpassed resolution and contrast. This universal system is ultra-compact and lightweight, yet delivers top performance image quality. Users can now achieve a full array of confocal imaging techniques in multiple channels with the added bonus of Nikon's superior optical performance, all at a better price than competitors charge for a basic 2 laser -- 2 detector system. This ideal personal confocal system allows researchers who initially purchase basic systems to easily and inexpensively upgrade their instrument for the fullest performance.

Modular in design, the system takes up a minimum of bench space and is easily and affordably upgraded. The compact scanning head, one of the world's smallest and lightest, fits directly on a variety of microscopes. The detection and laser modules are pre-calibrated and easily installed, so there is no need for calibration during set-up.

The C1 system provides the largest number of laser types and detection channels in its class, expanding the capabilities of conventional confocal microscopy. Plus, this new system supports virtually any imaging technique required today, including simultaneous 3-channel confocal fluorescence, confocal fluorescence plus diascopic DIC, time lapse recording, and spatial analysis. In addition, advanced scanning capabilities are just a mouse click away, including 2D (XY, XZ, XT), 3D (XYZ, XYT) and 4D (XYZT), plus movable region of interest and bi-directional scanning.

The system also features intuitive software for multifaceted microscopic analysis. A graphical user interface (GUI) makes Nikon's C1 confocal microscope system so easy to use that researchers probably won't need to refer to the instruction manual.

Plus, the C1 system benefits from Nikon's continuing tradition of providing the highest quality optical performance. The CFI60 optical system improves the standard for microscope infinity optics with a tube lens focal length of 200mm, an objective with a parfocal distance of 60mm, and a 25mm objective thread to achieve both higher numerical apertures and longer working distances than ever before. In addition, both axial and lateral chromatic aberration have been corrected independently in the objective and the tube lens.

To get the utmost results out of Nikon's CFI60 series objectives, new complementary scanning optics have been developed expressly for this confocal microscope system. Nikon's optical and electronics technologies have been fused to deliver resolution, contrast, and fluorescent image brightness that are all state of the art.

Image sizes of up to 2K by 2K at 12 bit image depth can be easily scanned. At the same time, it provides simultaneous acquisition of 3 confocal fluorescence channels and one scanning transmission channel at 2048 by 2048 pixel acquisition at 12 bit digitization.

Technological improvements in the scan head minimize contrast reducing stray light. Reflection loss on the I/O ends of the optical fiber has also been reduced, making it possible to obtain images with extremely high contrast and photon efficiency. The efficiency of fluorescence transmission has also been dramatically improved to obtain fluorescent images 3 times brighter than previous Nikon models while at the same time increasing signal to noise ratio 7-fold over prior models.

Other features include easily interchangeable filters to quickly match fluorescent dyes and probes, a series of lasers supporting almost every fluorescent dye used in research today, and a full selection of fluorchromes to support a wide range of fluorescence observation needs.

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