Confocal Microscope System

Discontinued Replaced by AX / AX R with NSPARC

An essential instrument for the microscopy lab.

The C2+ confocal microscope is a basic model within the family of Nikon confocal products. The C2+ is designed as an essential microscopy tool for the laboratory, providing powerful and robust imaging capabilities. The high-efficiency scan heads and detectors, coupled with Nikon's unrivaled optics, provide superior confocal images. The high-speed galvano scanners, operating at rates of up to 100 fps*, enable even the fast-beating motion of cardiac muscles to be captured with precision. The system also provides simultaneous acquisition of three fluorescent channels plus DIC in a single scan. For research that requires spectral imaging capabilities, Nikon's C2si+ system provides dedicated spectral detector units in addition to the standard fluorescence detector units. The C2si+ system allows high-precision and high-speed 32-channnel spectral imaging or high-sensitivity spectral imaging. Built on a reputation of incredible stability and operational simplicity, coupled with superior optical technologies, the C2+ confocal system is the essential laboratory tool.

* with 8x zoom or larger

Download C2+ Brochure (3.88MB)

Configured with Ni-E upright microscope