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SMZ25 Research Stereo Microscope for morphological research, taxonomy and type digitisation

novembre 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words

Since the time of Linnaeus, approximately 1.5 million new species have been described. As this accounts for only a modest fraction of global species diversity, taxonomists are constantly looking for methods to accelerate the pace of species discovery and enhance conventional description methods. Taxonomic descriptions depend on illustrations more than any other disciplines. From the earliest taxonomic treatments, the descriptions of species have nearly always been accompanied by visual representations to convey information about the morphology of the studied taxa. The importance of digital imaging in taxonomy has been long recognized, and its role in enhancing species description universally recognized.

Dr. Nesrine Akkari
Curator of the collection Myriapoda
Natural History Museum Vienna

AI + Macro Imaging

mars 2021 is a new AI module that removes the blurred light contained in fluorescence images and generates high-contrast images., used with a stereo microscope, can provide sharper fluorescence images than ever before; it enables not only macroscopic observation of model organisms, but also microscopic observation of fine structures.