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CFI60 Water Dipping Series

A wide range of objectives which are ideal for IR-DIC imaging, including the world’s first water dipping lens with depth-induced aberration correction.

The Water Dipping Series of objective lenses provide long W.D and high N. A.s at any magnification. Combined with sharper tips and broad approach angles, these objectives provide improved accessibility and control for manipulators. Aberrations are corrected even in the infra-red range with the high magnification objectives, making them ideally suited to multi photon imaging applications using infra-red light. The 100XC W objective comes with a correction ring to compensate for spherical aberration induced by imaging depth or temperature fluctuations. With its excellent infra-red transmission, this lens assures the best quality images of even a thick specimen.

Download Objectives Brochure (8.78MB)


Cover glass thicknessCorrection ringObservation
CFI Plan Fluor 10X WDiagramGraph0.303.500BF, DF (Dry), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light, UV)
CFI Fluor 40X WDiagramGraph0.802.000BF, DF (Oil), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light, UV)
CFI Fluor 60X WDiagramGraph1.002.000BF, DF (Oil), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light, UV)
CFI Apochromat NIR 40X WDiagramGraph0.803.500BF, DF (Oil), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light, UV*)
CFI Apochromat NIR 60X WDiagramGraph1.002.800BF, DF (Oil), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light)
CFI Plan 100XC WDiagramGraph1.102.500BF, DF (Oil), DIC, NIR DIC, POL, FL (visible light)

BF: Brightfield
DF: Darkfield
PH: Phase contrast
POL: Simple polarizing
FL: Fluorescence

*Possible but not recommended
**External phase contrast observation is possible with ECLIPSE Ti2-E