Microscope and Scanner Fritz M8 O8
Operating modes tailored to diverse workflows Live-mode, SlideScan-modeLive-mode, InstantScan mode, SlideScan-mode
Light Transmitted Light; LED, brightfield
Barcode scanning Upon request
Supported objectives 20X air, 40X air 20X to 60X air 20X to 100X air and oil
Dimensions 45 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm; 25 kg
Automated Microscope X-Y-stage automated, Z-axis automated
Handling Controlled with computer; Live remote control due to automation
Digitization Fritz M8 O8
Scanning parameters Whole Slide Imaging or partial digitization
Scanning algorithms Different scanning algorithms tailored to different slide qualities
InstantScan-mode NA Large field of view within seconds at high resolution
Scanning speed per slide with 100X NA 1 hr1
Scanning speed per slide with 20X 2 min1
Slide capacity 25 x 75 mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75 mm (1 slide)
Z-Axis Resolution 25 nm
XY-Axis Resolution 78 nm
Z-Stacking Yes
Software and Workstation Fritz M8 O8
Operating software MicroPoint included
Viewer software ViewPoint2 included (unlimited users)
Storage PC-based workstation and/or
PreciCloud slide storage3
Image analysis Several software applications on request, based on customer needs
Computers HP Z2 mini; Intel 3.6GhZ i7 12core, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA 4GB GPU
Microscope computer connection USB 3.0
Image output formats PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, VMIC, XLS, and many more

RUO (intended for use in non-clinical laboratory research)
Technical specifications subject to change without notice

1 Dependent on sample preparation, scan parameters and objectives; 15 x 15 mm
2 Free download of ViewPoint available on www.precipoint.com
3 PreciCloud slide storage available from PreciPoint