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Laser Units

Compact and highly efficient laser units.

The LU-N4/LU-N4S/LU-N3 are compact laser units that come pre-installed with four lasers (the LU-N3 with three). These laser units support TIRF, photoactivation illumination systems, and Confocal Microscopes A1+ and C2+.

  • LU-N4/LU-N4S* Laser Units are equipped with four lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm), while LU-N3 Laser Unit has three lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm). Setting up is easy, just connect the fibers to the system, as each laser is pre-installed and pre-aligned.
  • LU-N4/LU-N4S/LU-N3 Laser Units are equipped with a newly developed laser combiner, which prevents alignment shift even after long-term use while improving laser output stability.
  • The built-in AOTF allows laser power to be independently controlled and modulated.

Dedicated laser unit controllers for different system configurations can be mounted on the laser unit to conserve space.

*LU-N4S is compatible with spectral imaging but not with the Ti2-LAPP system.

Installed laser wavelength and laser type

WavelengthLaser type
405 nmLD
488 nmLD*
561 nmDPSS
640 nm (for LU-N4/LU-N4S)LD

Output power at the fiber end: 15 mW

* LU-N4S is equipped with DPSS laser (output power: 8 mW) for 488 nm wavelength.