Polarized Light/Dispersion Microscope


Optical system CFI60 infinity
Illumination New illuminator (brighter than 100 W)
12 V-50 W halogen lamp (new LV-HL50W model); 12 V-50 W DC transformer built-in; Precentered lamphouse with rear mirror; Fly-eye lens built-in; ND8, NCB11 filters detachable
Focusing Coaxial coarse/fine focus knob; Focus stroke: 30 mm; Coarse: 14 mm per rotation;
Fine: 0.1 mm per rotation; Minimum reading: in 1 μm increments (left: coarse/fine, right: fine focus knob)
Eyepiece 10x; F.O.V. 22; CM type with crosshair and micrometer scale, Eyepiece graticule for asbestos
Tube P-TT3 Trinocular Tube for polarizing microscopy; With crosshair adjustment ring
Polarizing intermediate tube Analyzer detachable; Orthoscopic/Conoscopic observations switchable; With plate/compensator slot; Focusing and centering Bertrand lens
Analyzer 360° rotary dial; Minimum reading angle 0.1°
Nosepiece Reversed centering quintuple nosepiece (detachable); With DIN compensator slot
Stage High-precision circular graduated stage for polarizing microscope; Rotatable 360° horizontally;
Can be fixed at a specific position; Graduated in 1° increments (0.1° readings with sub scale); 45° click stops
Attachable mechanical stage; Vernier 0.1 mm
Condenser LV-CUD Universal Condenser Dry (NA 0.9), D-C PH1, D-C PH2 and LV-C 2-4x Lens are required
P Swing-out Condenser (Option)
Polarizer C-SP simple polarizer; one-touch swing-out type
Objectives Polarizing: CFI Achromat P 4X, P 10X, LWD P 20X, P 40X, P 100X Oil
Dispersion: CFI Achromat R-DS 10X, CFI Plan Achromat C-DS 10X, CFI Plan Fluor R-DS 40X
Compensators P-CL 1/4 λ & tint plate, quartz-wedge compensator or Sénarmont
compensator can be inserted into polarizing intermediate tube slot
Measuring filter IF546/12 retardation filter (ø45 mm)
Power consumption 1.2 A/75 W