Digital Sight 10

Microscope Camera


Regular Maintenance

To maintain the performance of this product, Nikon recommends you to perform regular maintenance.

Cleaning utensils

  • Soft-tip brush*1
  • Soft cloth (nonwoven cloth, cotton cloth, or gauze)*1
  • Air blower*2

*1: Use the cleanroom wiper in the cleanroom.
*2: Do not use a spray type dust blower. It may cause condensation.


  • Neutral detergent (only when the product main body is very dirty)

Cleaning the Camera Body

  • To clean the product, see that the F-mount cap or the F-mount adapter is attached to it, and then wipe off stains on the Digital Sight 10 body using a soft cloth or others. If the product is very dirty, gently wipe stains using gauze moistened with a small amount of diluted neutral detergent.
  • Do not use organic solvent (such as alcohol, ether, and thinner) on coated parts, plastic parts, or printed parts. It causes discoloration or exfoliation of printed characters.
  • Use only an air blower to blow off dust in the mount or on the image pickup device, color filter, or IR filter.

Cleaning of the mount interior ― For dirt that is not removable with an air blower ―

Blow off dust in the mount using an air blower. Do not touch the components in the mount. Especially, never touch the image pickup device. If the image pickup device is touched, or dirt adhered to it cannot be removed with an air blower, perform the following procedure.

Cleaning utensils


Absolute ethanol

Cleaning swab (specified item)

24-mm cleaning swab (model: SKU.1696; from K&F Concept)

The specified cleaning swab is available from your nearest Nikon representative (Digital Sight 10 distributor) or Amazon online shopping website.

• The cleaning swab is for single use only. Do not reuse a used swab.
• Use a new swab for each wipe.
• If the dirt cannot be removed by the above cleaning, contact your nearest Nikon representative for cleaning.
• Cleaning inside the camera mount should be undertaken at the responsibility of the customer.

Cleaning procedure

(1) Dampen a cleaning swab with ethanol.

(2) Insert the cleaning swab through the F mount of the Digital Sight 10 to let the cleaning swab head contact with the surface of the image pickup device at the right or left end.

(3) Gently drag the swab from right to left or left to right once (Within a second or so for wiping).

If dirt remains, repeat steps (1) to (3) with a new cleaning swab.