Notes d'application

Quantitative analysis of autophagy activity using AI-driven fully automated ECLIPSE Ji

septembre 2023

ECLIPSE Ji with Smart Experiment software enables seamless operation from image acquisition to analysis and graph creation. Pre-trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) and pre-defined imaging procedures automatically optimize image acquisition and analysis condition settings, providing visualized data and EC50 information with simple operation. Autophagy is a system that maintains cells in a normal state by degrading intracellular proteins and organelles by lysosomes. The maintenance of homeostasis by autophagy has been shown to be involved in the prevention and control of various diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, diabetes, heart failure, and aging, and this research field is attracting attention in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This application note introduces an example of using the Autophagy module of Smart Experiment to quantify the activity of drug-induced autophagy by measuring the fluorescence intensity of LC3B-derived immunofluorescence stained autophagosomes that have accumulated in cells.