Nikon introduces the ECLIPSE Ui Upright Digital Microscope

juin 15, 2023

Operational efficiency and ease-of-use for pathologists.

Digital imaging microscope ECLIPSE Ui

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - Nikon Europe B.V. is pleased to announce the development and upcoming launch of the "ECLIPSE Ui", an integrated microscope-based viewing system designed for both in-person clinical and remote pathological observation. “Nikon is proud to enter the medical product market with the introduction of the Ui. This digital microscope will greatly aid clinical pathologists with observation and collaborations while being easy to operate and comfortable to use by eliminating the need to look through eyepieces for hours at a time,” Joseph LoBiondo, Senior Product Manager states.

The ECLIPSE Ui features a unique microscope design that foregoes eyepieces in favor of a completely digital user experience, allowing for easy viewing and sharing of images while retaining a natural posture. Reducing the physical burden for pathologists is important for their comfort and efficiency in the busy clinical laboratory environment.

The ECLIPSE Ui has been initially released for sale in Japan; the U.S. and Europe will now provide support to pathologists by improving the workflow of pathological observation.

Launch Overview

Product NameDigital Imaging Microscope ECLIPSE Ui

Development Background

Clinical pathologists regularly experience fatigue due to long periods of microscope operation, with demand often exacerbated by a shortage of pathologists. Additionally, pathologists routinely seek the opinion of other physicians, who may only be available remotely. The need to send prepared specimens to an outsourcing contractor and visitation of the outsourcing contractor by the trustee physician imposes significant limitations.

The ECLIPSE Ui addresses both issues by providing a seamless digital-only experience, simplifying microscope operation and remote collaboration, while entirely avoiding the discomfort associated with manual observation through the eyepieces. Remote sharing of live image data in real-time reduces the barrier to the free flow of ideas and opinions between medical professionals, saving time and resources.

Main Features

1. Improves image observation and sharing in real-time with an optimized digital design - no need for eyepieces

The ECLIPSE Ui is designed to streamline operation, even the routine act of loading slides on the stage can be performed with a single hand. At the press of a button the ECLIPSE Ui will automatically bring the specimen into focus, an operation requiring only about 2.5 seconds. From there, the system is ready to capture a macro (overview) image of the specimen from which the user can mark regions of interest to visit for detailed micro-level observations.

The ability to go from placing a slide to observing an image on-screen in seconds is a significant time-saver that is made all the more valuable by allowing users to retain their own natural posture – no bending down to look through the eyepieces. In addition, the specimen image can be shared with remote users, providing complete imaging details and fostering in-depth discussion. The ECLIPSE Ui is a modern system solution that significantly improves user comfort, collaboration, and operational efficiency, helping support pathologists in the face of increasing demand.

Sample observation using the ECLIPSE Ui

2. Allows efficient specimen navigation by simultaneous display of micro and macro images

A macro image (overview of the entire sample) and micro image (defined area around a given point) can be simultaneously displayed on the screen to provide spatial context and support navigation. Efficient observation is supported by intuitive functions designed around the routine needs of pathologists, including one-click recall of the system to a point marked on the macro image and measurement of the distance between two points.

Sample of display

3. Supports remote data sharing by physicians

When a pathologist performs remote consultations with another physician, that physician can both view the image in real time and remotely control the ECLIPSE Ui, providing the tools needed for a close collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Main Specifications

Microscopy technique Diascopic brightfield observation
Specimen preparation parameters

Prepared microscope slide (stage holds one slide)

Thickness: 0.9 to 1.7 mm
• Microscope slide (ISO 8037 compliant)
Thickness: 0.9 to 1.2 mm
Size: 76 mm x 26 mm

• Cover glass (ISO 8255 compliant)
Thickness: 0.17 mm
Size: 18 to 60 mm x 18 to 25 mm
Objective lenses CFI Plan Fluor 4X, CFI Plan Fluor 10X, CFI Plan Fluor 20X, CFI Plan Fluor 40X
Marking mode Maximum number of spots: 499
Spot size: 8px, 16px, and 32px (user-selectable)
Measurement mode Line segment and length scale display between two user-selectable points
Motorized function Nosepiece movement, stage movement (incl. sample loading), objective lens focus,
aperture stop, sample holder clips open/close, macro/micro-observation mode switching
Main body ratings Input rating: AC100-240 V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption: 170 W