Whole Slide Scanning

We provide whole slide imaging services, brightfield or fluorescence, of fixed specimens for histology, pathology, gene expression, and spatial biology studies.


Typical commercial digital slide scanners are often low magnification, high NA objectives. At NBIL slides can be imaged similar to commercial digital slide scanners, and desired regions of interests can be further imaged using high magnification, high NA objectives.


At Nikon we’re known for our unparalleled image quality. NBIL is equipped with Nikon’s objective lineup, designed to image a variety of samples at different magnifications. In addition, at NBIL you have access to Nikon’s diverse portfolio of imaging modalities from widefield to super resolution based on the requirements of your biological sample and scientific question. At NBIL we leverage Nikon’s NIS Elements software and its AI toolbox to increase experimental throughput and maximize data output. We offer custom AI-trained solutions to address your customer-specific questions, and we deliver your data based on your output requirements.