Sistema microscopico multifotone


Optical systemInfinity optical system
Microscope standsAX-FNSP Single StandAX-FNGP Gate Stand
FocusingAX-FN Focusing Nosepiece Unit
Motorized coaxial coarse/fine focusing
Focusing stroke: Up 13 mm/Down 2 mm*1, *2, Minimum step: 0.02 μm, Motorized escape and refocus mechanism
Focal plane: 400 mm above the surface of the vibration isolated table
ControlsAX-FNCTL Control Box
AX-FNHC Hub Controller (For controlling Focusing Nosepiece Unit, Diascopic Illumination System, Stage Joystick, Motorized Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret, Motorized Quadrocular Tilting Tube 2 and DSC Zooming Port)
AdapterAX-FNSA Stage Adapter, supporting both manual and motorized XY stages. Stage height: adjustable to 2 positions depending on sample size (400 mm/200 mm from the surface of the vibration isolated table)
StageFN-3PS2 XY stage, Cross travel 29.5 (X) x 29.5 (Y) mm, with 2 auxiliary plates
AX-FNS-E Motorized XY stage, Cross travel ±34 (X) x ±27 (Y) mm
Epi-fluorescent illuminatorAX-FNSPAX-FNGP
Illumination unitNI-FLEI-2 Epi-fluorescence attachment
Light sourceD-LEDI Fluorescent LED Illumination System
Filter cube turret6 mountable filter cubes, shutter function
  • NI-FLT6 Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret
  • NI-FLT6-I Intelligent Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret
  • NI-FLT6-E Motorized Epi-fluorescence Cube Turret
Photostimulation deviceAX-FNBPU Stimulation Back Port, 6 mountable filter cubes, Fluorescence imaging and simultaneous stimulation imaging can be switched
Diascopic illuminatorAX-FNSPAX-FNGP
Illumination unitAX-FNDIA Diascopic Unit
4 filter slider attachable, Condenser holder stroke: Up 2.5 mm/Down 1.8 mm, NI-PT Polarizer Turret mountable
Light sourceHalogen Lamp (12V100W)
  • NI-LH Precentered Lamphouse
  • FN-LH Precentered Lamphouse
High Luminescence White LED Illuminator
  • LV-LL LED Light Source
ShutterNI-SH-E Motorized Shutter
CondenserFN-C LWD condenser, O.D. 8.2 mm, NA: 0.78
Polarizer TurretNI-PT Polarizer Turret, Visible or infrared polarizer attachable
TubesPupillary distance: 50-75 mm, Inclination angle: 15-35 degrees, Eyepiece/Upper port/Rear port: 100/0/0, 0/100/0, 0/0/100 via DSC Zooming Port
  • NI-TT2 Quadrocular Tilting Tube 2, With interlock function
  • NI-TT2-E Motorized Quadrocular Tilting Tube 2, With interlock function
Eyepieces (F.O.V. (mm))CFI 10X (22), CFI 12.5X (16), CFI 15X (14.5), CFI UW 10X (25)
PhotodetectorAX-NEU Non-descanned EPI Upright Detector
  • FN-S2N CFI60 Sliding Nosepiece, Forward-backward sliding type, two positions, DIC prism slider can be attached
  • FN-S2N-2 CFI90 2 Place Sliding Nosepiece*5, Forward-backward sliding type, two positions, DIC prism slider can be attached to the front objective
  • FN-MN-H CFI75 Holder*5, one position, DIC prism slider can be attached
  • FN-MN-H2 CFI90 Holder*3, one position
  • AX-FNTN-H CFI75 Single Tilting Nosepiece*3, *4, *5, one position
Observation methodsBrightfield, Epi-fluorescence, DIC, IR-DIC
Power consumption100W
Weight (approx.)66 kg (fully motorized fluorescence system, with diascopic illuminator)66 kg (fully motorized fluorescence system)
Scan head AX R MP
Type AX-SHRM AX R MP Scan Head & Controller
FOV φ22 mm
Standard image acquisition Galvano scanner
Pixel size: max. 8192 x 8192 pixels
Scanning speed: max. 240 fps (512 x 16 pixels), 10 fps (512 x 512 pixels)
High-speed image acquisition Resonant scanner
Pixel size: max. 2048 x 2048 pixels
Scanning speed: max. 720 fps (2048 x 16 pixels for 2K, 1024 x 16 pixels for 1K), 30 fps (2048 x 512 pixels for 2K, 1024 x 512 pixels for 1K)
Scan modeLine scanning, bi-direction scanning and averaging
Simultaneous acquisitionMax. 5 channels (including a diascopic detector channel)
IR laser wavelength range 700-1080 nm (1080 system), 820-1300 nm (1300 system)
Dichroic mirror Position: 6
Pinhole 6-153 µm variable
Zoom1–1000X continuously variable
Input/output port 2 laser input ports
2 signal output ports
Laser for multiphoton microscopy AX R MP
Single 1080 system Mai Tai HP/eHP DeepSee, Chameleon Vision II, Axon 920
Dual 1080 system Chameleon Vision II + Axon 920, Axon 920 + Axon 1064
Single 1300 system InSight X3, Chameleon Discovery NX
Dual 1300 system InSight X3 Dual Option, Chameleon Discovery NX, Chameleon Discovery NX + Axon 920
Incident optics 700-1080 nm (1080 system), 820-1300 nm (1300 system), auto alignment
Modulation Method: AOM (Acousto-Optic Modulator) device
Control: power control, ROI exposure control
Laser for confocal microscopy (option) AX R MP
4-laser unit 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm lasers are installed
5-laser unit 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 594 nm and 640 nm lasers are installed
6-laser unit 405 nm, 445 nm, 488 nm, 515 nm, 561 nm and 640 nm lasers are installed
NDD for multiphoton microscopy AX R MP
NDD EPI unit AX-NEI (for Ti2-E) and AX-NEU (for AX-FNSP/FNGP) Detectable wavelength range: 400-650 nm (1080 system), 400-750 nm (1300 system)

Detectors: 2 GaAsP PMTs (4 GaAsP PMTs, or 3 GaAsP PMTs + 1 multi-alkali PMT are possible by adding options)
Visible stimulation/IR imaging (option) AX R MP
Opti-Microscan Photostimulator (for AX-FNSP/AX-FNGP) Stimulation wavelength: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm;
Excitation wavelength for imaging: 800-1080 nm (1080 system), 820-1080 nm (1300 system)
Stimulation speed: Max. 1 ms (point stimulation), Max. 20 μs/pixel (ROI stimulation)
Stimulation modes: simultaneous, sequential, manual
Stimulation area: square inscribed within a 22 mm-diameter circle, stimulation ROI: arbitrary pattern, no number limit
Diascopic detector (option) AX R MP
AX-DUT-MP (for AX-FNSP/Ti2-E)*6 Detectable wavelength range: 400-920 nm
Detector: Multi-alkali PMT
Detector for confocal / multiphoton microscopy (option) AX R MP
DUX-VB detector unit Detectable wavelength range: 400-650 nm (with IR laser), 400-750 nm (with visible laser); Detection width: 10 nm to 320 nm
Maximum pixel size: 8192 x 8192 (with galvano scanner)
Wavelength resolution: 5 nm, wavelength range variable in 1 nm steps
Compatible with galvano and resonant scanners

2 or 4 channels (Multi-alkali PMT or GaAsP PMT options)
DUX-ST detector unit*7 Detectable wavelength range: 400-750 nm
2 or 4 channels (Multi-alkali PMT or GaAsP PMT options)
NSPARC Detector UnitEquipped with SPPC (Single Pixel Photon Counter) array detector
Up to 7 barrier filters can be mounted (Mountable filter: QuadBand446/523/600/677, 452/45, 525/50, 593/46, 700/75)
With galvano scanner: Can be used with X resolution of 64 to 8192 pixels, Y resolution of 2 to 8192 pixels
With resonant scanner: Can be used with X resolution of 256, 512, 1024 and 2048 pixels, Y resolution of 128 to 2048 pixels
Option AX R MP
Motorized XYZ Motorized XY stage (for AX-FNSP/FNGP/Ti2-E), High-speed piezo Z stage (for Ti2-E), High-speed piezo objective-positioning system (for AX-FNSP/FNGP)
Nosepiece for AX-FNSP/FNGP AX-FNTN-H CFI75 single tilting nosepiece*4
Software AX R MP

Imaging software (equipped with noise reduction function): NIS-Elements C or NIS-Elements C-ER

Display/image generation 2D analysis, 3D volume rendering/orthogonal, 4D analysis, spectral unmixing
Application FRAP, FLIP, FRET(option), photoactivation, 3D time-lapse imaging, multipoint time-lapse imaging, colocalization
Control computer AX R MP

Windows®10 Pro 64 bit, Microsoft Windows® 11 Pro

Visible stimulation/IR imaging (option) Stimulation wavelength: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm
Excitation wavelength for Imaging: 800-1080 nm (1080 system), 820-1080 nm (1300 system)
Compatible microscopes Dedicated AX-FNSP/AX-GNGP motorized upright microscope system, ECLIPSE Ti2-E motorized inverted microscope
Z step AX-FNSP/FNGP: 0.02 µm, Ti2-E: 0.02 µm
Recommended installation conditions Temperature 20 - 25˚C, ± 1˚C, air conditioning at all hours
Humidity 60% RH or less (no condensation)

*1 Based on the focus position
*2 Software controlled value
*3 DIC prism slider cannot be attached
*4 FOV 12, Usable objectives: CFI75 LWD 16X W, CFI75 Apochromat LWD 20XC W, CFI75 Apochromat 25XC W, CFI75 Apochromat 25XC W 1300
*5 Cannot be used with diascopic illlumination. The FN-MN-H cannot be used with diascopic illumination only when the 400 μm objective piezo positioner (PI) is attached.
*6 Cannot be mounted on AX-FNGP
*7 Must be used with a confocal laser.