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Shonan Health Innovation Park, Japan

Leave it to Nikon

Are you a startup with fixed capital that needs to collect mission critical microscopy data? Or perhaps you’re a larger organization with a need for instrumentation and expertise, but the timing isn’t right for a big purchase? Whatever the situation might be, sometimes the best decision is to leave it to Nikon.

The Nikon BioImaging Lab in Shonan, at Shonan Health Innovation Park, Fujisawa-city, Kanagawa (Japan)* provides contract services for microscope-based imaging and analysis to the biotech, pharma, and larger research communities. We are more than a core facility – our full-service capabilities include not only access to cutting-edge microscopy instrumentation and software, but also the services of expert biologists and microscopists, who are available to provide quality cell culture, sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis services.

Unlike other imaging facilities, the Nikon BioImaging Lab offers full-service cell culture capabilities – our experienced staff is equipped to handle cell thawing, maintenance, expansion, differentiation, and other essential operations. We are even equipped to handle many higher-level cell culture procedures, such as the generation of stable cell lines.

The Nikon Healthcare R&D Center Shonan, a new research and development facility specializing in drug discovery support, has also been established at Shonan Health Innovation Park, where Nikon BioImaging Lab Shonan is located. This innovation site joins a global network of Nikon imaging centers and laboratories through which Nikon will continue to provide product and service solutions to meet the needs of customers worldwide.

* The information on these pages applies to the Nikon BioImaging Lab in Shonan, Japan. There are also laboratories in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and Leiden, The Netherlands. For more information, please contact the facility nearest to your location.

Want to know more?

Exactly what services are provided? How does this all work? That’s up to you, as customers have the opportunity to mix and match services and service levels to best match their research needs and budget. The Services section provides more detailed explanations of available services and service levels, which range from complete assay development and implementation to simple equipment use. If you’re still not sure if the Nikon BioImaging Lab is right for you, please don’t hesitate to ask – consultations with our expert scientific staff are free.

A variety of Nikon microscope system and software solutions are available at the Nikon BioImaging Lab, providing us with the capability to support many types of assays and research applications. Click Applications & Technology for more detailed descriptions of supported applications and the key technologies enabling them.

Why Nikon?

Since its establishment in 1917, Nikon has been at the forefront of optical innovation. Building on a century of experience in developing advanced optical solutions, Nikon established its Healthcare Business Unit in 2017 to help accelerate clinical and diagnostic imaging innovation. Nikon’s Healthcare Business Unit prioritizes production of tools supporting the development of next-generation therapeutics.

In addition to cell manufacturing at Nikon CeLL innovation Co., Ltd., Nikon has also partnered with emerging Biotech companies to develop high-throughput imaging assays and high content image analysis algorithms. The Nikon BioImaging Lab is an extension of Nikon’s commitment to advance healthcare and realize a better quality of life for all people, connecting researchers with the tools and expertise they need to move their work forward in a timely manner. We want you to know that if you leave it to Nikon, we’ll treat your research with the same importance you do.