Notes d'application

Morphogenesis imaging of mCherry-expressing Magnaporthe oryzae transformants with DIC and confocal microscopy

décembre 2021

Rice blast disease is the most serious rice disease. The ascomycete fungus Magnaporthe oryzae is known as a hemibiotrophic pathogen that causes rice blast disease. M. oryzae infects rice leaves, stems and panicles, and causes severe reductions in yield. To establish a new control method for this disease and to develop resistant rice varieties, it is important to clarify the details of gene-to-gene and protein-protein interactions between M. oryzae and rice.

In this application note, we will introduce an example of imaging with differential interference contrast (DIC) and confocal laser scanning microscopy using the CFI Apochromat Lambda S 40XC WI objective, in a paper concerning the identification of a novel pathogenic gene using the differential gene expression evaluation method during plant-pathogenic fungus interactions reported by Professor Hiromasa Saitoh at Tokyo University of Agriculture.