Application Notes

AI-powered optimization of transfection efficiency by nucleus and cellular region detection from brightfield images

September 2023

ECLIPSE Ji with Smart Experiment software enables seamless run from image acquisition to analysis and graph creation. Pre-trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) and pre-defined imaging processes automatically optimize image acquisition and analysis settings, allowing you to obtain numerical data and graphs with simple operations. Transfection is a technique for introducing nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) into cells. Target proteins can be expressed and visualized with fluorescence to analyze protein expression level. However, the optimal concentration of transfection reagent and amount of nucleic acid varies from cell to cell. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize transfection conditions by measuring the percentage of cells expressing the fluorescent protein out of the total number of cells observed. This application note introduces a method for evaluating transfection efficiency with minimal damage to cells by detecting nuclei and cellular regions from brightfield images using the Transfection Efficiency module of Smart Experiment.