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Accelerate your workflow with PreciPoint Microscope and Scanners

The M8 and O8 all-in-one microscope and slide scanners from PreciPoint offer completely new possibilities for your workflow, with all functions accessible via a touchscreen computer – making it a true digital microscope. Intuitive software makes it easy to navigate through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers. Scan whole slides and selected regions of interest with objectives ranging from 20x to 100x in oil or air.

Download PreciPoint M8 (608KB)

Download PreciPoint O8 (634KB)

PreciPoint M8

Dual digital microscope & slide scanner to accelerate and digitize your workflow

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PreciPoint O8

The unique solution for oil immersion whole slide scanning and general digital microscopy. Accelerate and digitize your workflow.

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All-in-one device

Tailor your workflow to your needs. The M8 and O8 fit and adapt perfectly to your workflow to speed up your research process.

Live Mode

The Live Mode offers capabilities of a digital microscope. See the sample live, and zoom through the sample to view different layers and structures in your specimen. The overview image helps you to orientate and navigate.

Instant Scan Mode

The Instant Scan mode is unique to PreciPoint. It gives you a large field of view of a digital scan with the speed of a microscope. Access a 15x15mm area within seconds at high resolution. Perform analyses, look for rare happenings, make annotations, take notes, and then digitize everything. Generate all the reports you need.

Slide Scan Mode

Achieve highest quality scans to digitize your microscope slides. Scanning your selected region of interest (ROI) or whole slide imaging (WSI) is possible, regardless of the sample’s thickness, size, and difficulty (e.g. cytology and osteology slides).

Live remote control

Thanks to the fully automated and motorized microscope and scanners, users can access and control from afar, with simultaneous viewing for multiple users for second opinions. Top image quality with large field of view is available within seconds and users can view different layers with manual focus plane adjustment. Live remote control is possible on computers, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones. Evolve the way you participate in teaching, conferencing, collaboration, second opinion consultation, and more.

Cloud and image analysis: PreciCloud

Work seamlessly from wherever you are
Store, view, share, and access your digital images and slides from anywhere in the world with any device. Our web-based solution works both in desktop and mobile browsers. The platform will provide everything you need to organize your tasks and projects of any size.

Set up collaborative workflows & virtual classrooms
The comprehensive tools available on PreciCloud enable you to set up virtual classrooms, collaborative workflows, as well as second opinion consultation. Experts and colleagues can easily interact simultaneously while working in different locations.

Secure and scalable
PreciCloud is perfectly adapted for your data: Within our platform, users have the option to control sharing rights and permissions, as well as to have access to logs for documenting or auditing purposes. Our cloud platform is inclusive, secure, and scalable.

Full integration to your PreciPoint products
All PreciPoint solutions are connected and fully integrated. You may upload your scans from a PreciPoint microscope and scanner directly onto PreciCloud. Share and access your slides virtually without needing to transfer files manually.

Use image analysis to empower your work
PreciPoint provides a collection of powerful and automated analysis tools that use cutting edge image recognition and machine learning algorithms. Pre-analysis is made possible with the help of a deep learning approach for final review by users.