Organ-on-chip Applications

Organ-on-chip models enable the study of multicellular and tissue-level behavior in cells cultured on a scaffold that promotes organ-like conditions and morphology. These platforms are useful for providing a more physiological context to basic research and drug discovery experiments.

We collaborate with manufacturers such as Nortis, TissUse, and Mimetas. Customer-provided devices are welcome.


Organ-on-chip scaffolds are large, 3D environments. Fully sampling the area of interest can be labor- and data-intensive, and volumetric imaging poses well-known challenges due to optical aberrations.


Nikon’s NIS-Elements imaging software provides a powerful toolbox for constructing automated image acquisition and analysis workflows, which improves both the amount and quality of data gathered. Nikon’s vast collection of objective lenses enables high-quality imaging across magnifications and sample types.