Nikon Eclipse E200 Microscope Offers Brightest, Easiest, Most Versatile Imaging to Help Build Veterinary Practices

Mai 8, 2000

With new developments in testing, on-premises labs can be a great practice-building investment for today's veterinarian. Now, Nikon has introduced the Eclipse E200 -- an easy to use, affordable, ultra-versatile new microscope that can help build veterinary practices. Because of its high optical quality and its extraordinary ease of use, doctors and technicians can now easily handle more, and more advanced, tests than ever before. The Eclipse E200 has the brightness, comfort and versatility to handle all of tomorrow's routine laboratory needs, at a price that an individual veterinary office can afford.

The first veterinary microscope to offer Nikon's patented CFI60 infinity optical system, the new microscope's optics provide the brightest illumination and the sharpest, crispest, highest contrast images available. The quality of the optics makes telemedicine possible. Also, advanced optical techniques like fluorescence and phase contrast can be used for sperm counts and urine cytology. Newly designed Siedentopf-type eyepiece tubes and the 180-degree rotatable eyepoint adjustment allow the instrument to accommodate users of different heights. The CFI 10x eyepieces offer a wide, consistently bright 20mm field of view.

A completely new series of high quality parfocal plan objectives is now available for the Nikon E200. The bright, flat, high-contrast images are of unsurpassed quality, and the interchangeable objectives are situated in a unique reversible nosepiece that makes access to different magnifications easier than ever.

The stage of the Eclipse E200 offers a remarkable new design as well. It has an exclusive refocusing "memory" device that allows the user to change slides and have the stage automatically return precisely to its previously focused position.

Not only can the stage refocus accurately and reliably, but it also has an upper limit stopper and anti-crash feature that prevents damage to specimens and objectives. The stage never comes up far enough to contact the objectives, no matter how far the focusing knobs are turned. In addition, the newly designed stage offers improved X-Y movement, with smooth, easy and accurate fingertip control.

The microscope also incorporates many of the comfort features that make Nikon instruments famous. The controls are all located low, so arms can rest on the tabletop, and the eyepieces are at a comfortable position and angle, so users can sit in a natural, erect posture while working. An optional tilting-telescoping eyepiece tube is available; it can be completely

custom-adjusted in any direction up, down, in or out, for completely individualized comfort.