Application Notes

Segment.ai를 사용한 토끼 골세포성 소와의 자동 형태 추출

2021 년 12 월

Osteocytes form an intercellular network similar to a neuronal network in bone. Drs. Tadahiro Iimura and Takanori Sato at the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hokkaido University, visualize and measure this network structure, the functional significance of which remains to be elucidated. Since osteocytes have a structure that is continuous with osteocytic processes (countless cellular processes protruding from the cell body), extracting the morphologies of individual cells using the conventional fluorescence binarization method is a tall order. In this application note, we introduce an example of the use of, one of the functions of the module for microscopes, to automate segmentation of osteocytic lacunae in order to facilitate measurement of their numbers and morphology.