SMZ745 / 745T

Stereomicroscopi Zoom


Optical systemGreenough optical system
Total magnification3.35-300x (depending on eyepiece and auxiliary objective used)
Vertical tube (SMZ745T)Built-in C-mount 0.55x magnification lens (F.N. 11), compatible with 2/3 in. or smaller CCD
Eyepiece tubeFixed type
Eyepiece inclination45 °
Interpupillary distance adjustment52-75 mm
Eyepieces (with diopter adjustment)C-W 10xB (F.N. 22), C-W 15x (F.N. 16), C-W 20x (F.N. 12.5), C-W 30x (F.N. 7)
Zoom range0.67-5x
Zoom ratio7.5 : 1
Auxiliary objectivesG-AL 0.5x (W.D. 211 mm), G-AL 0.7x (W.D. 150 mm), G-AL 1.5x (W.D. 61 mm), G-AL 2x (W.D. 43.5 mm)
Working distance115 mm (standard)
Weight1.6 kg (SMZ745)
1.8 kg (SMZ745T)
  • F.N.: Field Number