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X-light V3: the most flexible large FOV spinning disk confocal

The X-Light V3 relies on the cutting-edge technology, optical design and engineering solutions developed by CrestOptics to meet the specifications required by high end microscopy applications.

All features are designed to achieve the highest amount and quality of data from each individual sample, from fast cell dynamics on live specimens to clarity in optical sectioning of clarified tissues.

Among them, the homogeneity of illumination obtained through micro-lenses technology makes the X-light V3 the fastest system when it comes to both qualitative and quantitative imaging on large samples.

  • Large field homogeneous illumination
  • Dual camera output with 25mm FOV
  • Customizable spinning disk

Características principales

Large field homogeneous illumination

Technology based on micro-lenses makes the illumination field highly homogeneous on large fields of view (up to 25mm). A unique plug-and-play design solution allows you to choose and change the illumination size to match the most common camera formats. The homogeneous illumination allows quantitative imaging on lager FOV and high speed imaging on large samples without the need for shading correction.

If needed, it is possible to shrink the illumination on smaller areas, achieving higher power density required for high speed imaging (1KHz).

Dual camera output

The X-light V3 is the only confocal unit which allows dual camera imaging at 25mm FOV. Dual camera port comes as standard feature on the system, making it very flexible. Different camera formats can be chosen for the two ports, matching the most demanding applications. External regulations allow to easily align the second camera with the master camera.

Customizable spinning disk

Crest Optics spinning disk design, together with the optimized optical layout, enhances sensitivity and image clarity. Standard patterns are available to cover the most common imaging applications; in addition to that, custom designs are available (custom pinhole size, single/dual pattern). The spinning disk is hosted in a sealed disk box, which comes with lifetime warranty against dust.