CRO for Microscope-based Imaging and Analysis

The Nikon BioImaging Lab (NBIL) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides microscope-based imaging and analysis services to the biotech, pharma, and larger research communities, offering contract research services from the company that knows imaging.

  • Imaging ServicesA diverse range of samples can be imaged, from plates to histology slides (2D and 3D; live or fixed specimens). This includes time-lapse imaging of dynamic cellular processes, along with high-content image acquisition capabilities.
  • AnalysisNikon's AI-powered analysis software enables automation and standardization in data generation and offers a higher and more refined data yield than standard microscopy services.
  • Experimental DesignExpertise in assay development and execution as well as project consulting with the NBIL's team of biologists and microscopy imaging professionals.

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Research Services

Exactly what services are provided? How does this all work? That is up to you. Nikon professionals are on hand to provide expert imaging and analysis required to meet your research demands. Customers can mix and match services and service levels to best match their research needs and budget. The Services section provides more detailed explanations of available services and service levels, which support and advise on complete imaging experiments and implementation. If you’re still not sure if the Nikon BioImaging Lab is right for you, please do not hesitate to ask using the Contact option – consultations with our expert scientific staff are free.

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At the Nikon BioImaging Lab, we have a team of highly experienced scientists ready to turn your vision into quantitative data. We have experience ranging from single molecule assays, cell culture in 2D and 3D, organoids and spheroids, to complex thick tissues, as well as MPS (organ-on-a-chip microphysiological systems). With all of our expertise, we are confident that Nikon is the ideal imaging partner to support your research.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for quick and informative solutions to common queries, helping you make the most of our services.

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The Resources section contains a curated collection of news, application notes, and helpful tools designed to enhance your understanding of Nikon's contract research services.

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