Upright Microscopes for Research

NIS-Elements imaging software

Various packages are available to suit the user’s imaging applications, including NIS-Elements L, which allows easy image acquisition, and NIS-Elements Ar, Br, and D, which enable advanced image acquisition through integrated control between a camera and microscope.

NIS-Elements L

NIS-Elements L imaging software, featuring a simple and user-friendly GUI, allows easy camera setting and image capturing using Digital Sight 10 and DS-Fi3 microscope cameras.

Enables image/movie acquisition and storage using a tablet PC*, facilitating effective sharing of images and presentations. Also supports touchscreen operation.

* For information about compatible tablet PCs, contact Nikon.

Scene modes

The scene modes function enables the optimal camera setting for each sample and imaging technique by simply choosing the type of illumination or stain.

Split-screen display

The split-screen display function enables real-time comparisons between live and captured images by displaying them side-by-side and synchronizing zooming between both images.


Simple measurement functions, such as distance measurement between two points, area measurement and angle measurement, are available.

NIS-Elements Ar, Br, D

The NIS-Elements Ar, Br and D packages seamlessly integrate cameras, peripheral devices, and the motorized functions and accessories of Ni, serving as a powerful yet easy-to-use interface for complex imaging experiments. NIS-Elements D allows time-lapse, Z-series and multi-point acquisition, while Ar allows multi-dimensional image acquisition of up to 6D (x, y, z, t, multichannel and multipoint) and Br allows up to 4D. Powerful tools for quick processing, measurement and acquired data management provide a one-step solution for acquisition and analysis.

Image stitching (large image)


Merge channels