Upright Clinical Microscopes


Ci-E Ci-L Ci-S
Optical system CFI60 Infinity Optical System
Illumination High luminescent White LED Illuminator (Eco-illumination) 6V30W Halogen Lamp
Built-in ND4, ND8, NCB11 filters
Automatic intensity reproduction function
Controls Image capture button
Nosepiece rotating buttons
Remote control pad
ND filter IN/OUT switches
(F.O.V. mm)
  • CFI 10× (22)
  • CFI 12.5× (16)
  • CFI 15× (14.5)
  • CFI UW 10× (25)
Focusing Coaxial Coarse/Fine focusing, Focusing stroke: 30 mm, Coarse: 9.33 mm/rotation, Fine: 0.1 mm/rotation
Coarse motion torque adjustable, Refocusing function
F.O.V. 22 mm
  • C-TB Binocular Tube
  • C-TE2 Ergonomic Binocular Tube (100/0, 50/50 via optional C-TEP2 DSC Port or C-TEPF2.5 DSC Port F2.5x)
Inclination angle: 10-30 degree, Extension: up to 40 mm
F.O.V. 25 mm
  • C-TF Trinocular Tube F (100/0, 0/100)
  • C-TT Trinocular Tube T (100/0, 20/80, 0/100)
  • Motorized Sextuple Nosepiece with Analyzer Slot (Within main body)
Switching between two objectives function
  • C-N6 ESD Sextuple Nosepiece ESD
  • C-N6A Sextuple Nosepiece with Analyzer Slot
Stages Cross travel 78 (X) × 54 (Y) mm, with vernier calibrations, stage handle height and torque adjustable for all stages
C-HIC Double Arm Specimen Holder is available as an option for the below three stages.
  • C-SR2S Right Handle Stage with 2S Holder
  • C-CSR1S Right Handle Ceramic-coated Stage with 1S Holder
  • C-CSR Right Handle Ceramic-coated Stage (C-H2L Specimen Holder 2L and C-H1L Specimen Holder 1L can be attached)
Condensers (NA)
  • CI-C-E Motorized Swing-out Condenser (0.9/0.22)
Focusing stroke: 27 mm
Focusing stroke: 27 mm
  • C-AB Abbe Condenser (0.9)
  • C-AR Achromat Condenser (0.8)
  • C-DO Darkfield Condenser Oil (1.2-1.43)
  • C-DD Darkfield Condenser Dry (0.8-0.95)
  • C-PH Phase Contrast Turret Condenser (0.9)
  • C-AA Achromat Aplanatic Condenser (1.4)
  • C-SA Slide Achromat Condenser 2-100× (0.9)
  • C-SW Swing-out Achromat Condenser 1-100× (0.9/0.11)
  • C-SWA Swing-out Achromat Condenser 2-100× (0.9/0.22)
  • C-LAR LWD Achromat Condenser (0.65)
Observation methods* Brightfield, Epi-fluorescence, Darkfield, Phase contrast, Simple polarizing, Sensitive color polarizing
Epi-fluorescence attachment
  • CI-FL Epi-fluorescence Attachment (4 filter cubes mountable)
  • D-FL Epi-fluorescence Attachmennt (6 filter cubes mountable)
ND4/ND8/ND16 filters, Noise Terminator mechanism
Epi-fluorescence light source
  • C-LEDFI Epi-Fl LED Illuminator
  • C-HGFI/HGFIE HG Precentered Fiber Illuminator Intensilight (130W)
  • Hg Lamphouse and Power Supply (100W)
Power consumption 13W (Brightfield configuration) 6W (Brightfield configuration) 38W (Brightfield configuration)
Weight (approx.) 15.4 kg (Binocular standard set) 13.4 kg (Binocular standard set) 13.4 kg (Binocular standard set)

* Observations except Brightfield require optional accessories.