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Nikon Europe BV und alle Nikon Niederlassungen in Europa beobachten aktuell sehr genau alle Entwicklungen rund um das Corona Virus COVID-19. Selbstverständlich werden alle durch die Regierungsorganisationen erlassenen Richtlinien von uns strikt befolgt.

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Cell Observation System

Cell observation system that is perfect for installation in incubators, safety cabinets and isolators

BioStudio-mini is a compact, lightweight phase-difference cell observation system with excellent environmental resistance. It is easy to operate and offers observation and time-lapse imaging of cultured cells.

It can also be used in related research in the field of regenerative medicine.

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Compatible with multiple sterilization technologies

BioStudio-mini has an excellent waterproof and chemical resistance design. The microscope can be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas, formalin and/or UV. The compact design facilitates the installation of BioStudio-mini in various isolators, incubators and biological safety cabinets.

Cell friendly

The microscope stage is completely stationary during image acquisition process eliminating unwanted mechanical disturbances to the sample. Internal optics move to acquire images at different Z positions. A cell-friendly red LED is used for sample illumination, and only turns on during image acquisition.

Simple interface

Observe results from a personal computer with a cable connection to the main body and control box.

Suggested applications in stem cell biology

Observation of cell differentiation, cell division, colony formation, infiltration of cancer cells, scratch assays, and more.

HeLa cell phase difference observation 4X
Cell: RCB0007 (RIKEN Cell Bank, MEXT-NBRP, Japan)

NIH3T3 cell phase difference observation 4x