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Nikon Instruments Europe BV und alle Nikon Niederlassungen in Europa beobachten aktuell sehr genau alle Entwicklungen rund um das Corona Virus COVID-19. Selbstverständlich werden alle durch die Regierungsorganisationen erlassenen Richtlinien von uns strikt befolgt.

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Vivantes Department of Pathology


The Nikon Center of Excellence at the Vivantes Department of Pathology at its facility in Berlin-Neukölln is dedicated to the application of Nikon equipment in the setting of a large routine institute. The applications range from microscopy for teaching to routine as well as special use such as fluorescence microscopy and laser microdissection.

Area of Expertise

 The area of expertise at the department of Pathology at the Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln comprises among others histology, cytology, immunohistology and molecular pathology. The department is accredited by the College of American Pathologists, demonstrating performance at the highest quality level. The head of the Center of Excellence is Prof. Dr. med. H. Herbst who is the Director of the Vivantes Department of Pathology.

Systems Available

The Nikon Center is equipped with 15 upright microscopes (Nikon Ni-U and Ci-L) which are partly equipped with Fluorescence, Cameras and Software. In addition to that the Center works with 3 Macrostations (for the documentation during grossing of specimens).

For special investigations the center acquired an inverted microscope (Nikon Ti-E) equipped with a microdissection system from MMI.


CofE Director

Prof. Dr. med. Hermann Herbst, FRCPath


Vivantes Fachbereich Pathologie
Klinikum Neukölln
Haus 26
Rudower Straße 48,
12351 Berlin Neukölln