Note applicative

Quantitative Analysis of Mitochondrial Microstructure by Super-Resolution Imaging

marzo 2023

Mitochondria are intracellular organelles that take on the essential functions for life activities such as ATP production and apoptosis. Their form changes dynamically and they repeatedly divide and fuse within cells. Also, mitochondria consist of double membranes comprising an outer membrane and inner membrane, the inner membrane having a structure called a crista that invaginate inward (matrix). There is a correlation between the morphology or structure of mitochondria and cell viability, and research focusing on the relationship between mitochondrial morphology and structure and human disease is currently being developed.

This application note introduces examples of mitochondrial observation using the AX/AX R with NSPARC (Nikon SPatial ARray Confocal) confocal-based super-resolution microscope. Cristae with fine structures and dynamic morphological changes were clearly observed by combining NSPARC with a high-speed resonant scanner. NSPARC, which can acquire super-resolution images easily with the same operability as a conventional confocal microscope, is also expected to be applied not only to academic research, but to medical application fields such as medical treatments and drug discovery screening, in combination with analysis by means of NIS-Elements software.