Note applicative

A confocal laser scanning microscope sheds light on the contribution of TGN/EE SNARE protein SYP61 and ubiquitin ligase ATL31 to C/N-nutrient stress tolerance in plants

giugno 2022

Organisms can maintain homeostasis in response to environmental changes. Sugar (carbon (C) source) and nitrogen (N) are nutrients that play a key role in metabolism. In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the relative availability of C and N (C/N-nutrient balance), in addition to the amount of C or N, affects the metabolism and the phase transition of plants. The amount of sugar supplied by photosynthesis, and nitrogen in the soil constantly fluctuate depending on daily and seasonal variations of sunlight conditions, temperature, rainfall, etc. In addition, the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere keeps increasing. Since C/N imbalance causes early senescence and a decrease in biomass, it is important to understand the mechanism of plant adaptation to C/N-nutrient stress for sustainable crop production.

This application note introduces a recently published report on plant C/N-nutrient stress adaptation, where a Nikon confocal microscope contributed to analyzing the regulation of ATL31 subcellular localization.