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Digital Imaging Microscope

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IVDR MEDICAL DEVICE – To help medical professionals with their routine work

The ECLIPSE Ui is an IVDR medical device, which enables medical professionals to observe live/high quality images directly on the monitor.

VIEW – Display high quality images in real time

The ECLIPSE Ui’s image quality is backed by Nikon's renowned imaging technology, providing clear color reproducibility without negative influence from ambient light. Furthermore, the elimination of conventional eyepieces greatly reduces operator eye fatigue allowing the user to work effortlessly for longer periods of time.

New-category medical equipment for turning pathological samples digital.

The internal PC provides all the necessary functions and applications.

Images on the monitor screen for easy observation.

It is no longer necessary to sit for hours looking through microscope eyepieces. The images are shared onscreen, suitable for two or more people to discuss the samples.

Nikon CFI Plan Fluor Series Objective Lenses

Time-proven optical-mechanical performance of Nikon microscopes.

The ECLIPSE Ui uses Nikon’s unparalleled optics to yield well-resolved, high quality images.

The Ui inherits the traditional optical technology of Nikon microscopes and is equipped with CFI Plan Fluor Series objectives, resulting in bright and sharp images.

PAM staining of membranous nephropathy (40X)

Nikon’s renowned imaging expertise.

The Nikon ECLIPSE Ui’s unique design produces high-quality images that are easy to observe, while minimizing afterimages. The Ui yields enhanced color reproducibility and allows smooth and fast scrolling with adjustable brightness and color tone.

See more sample images.

FAST – Fast imaging for quicker workflow

Once a slide is loaded, live observation of digital specimen images is possible almost instantaneously with the ECLIPSE Ui for a quicker workflow. The macro display function allows you to view the entire specimen to quickly identify regions of interest and easily navigate your slide. Furthermore, magnification changes and X-Y movements can be quickly adjusted.


A prepared slide can be placed on the unit with only one hand for quick and efficient slide exchange.

A sample can be observed in 2.5 seconds after being loaded.

Samples are loaded at the touch of a button and appear on the display monitor in 2.5 seconds.

The macro-imaging function allows for overviewing samples and quick target location.

A sample is captured as a macro-image thereby allowing the user to quickly identify the region of interest to be observed. That site can also be selected and preset so that it can be easily recalled with just one click. The macro-image displayed may also be saved as required.

Equipped with the various support functions.

The ECLIPSE Ui system has been designed to accommodate a range of samples and applications, such as thick samples and successive observation.

Z-stack function*

The Z-stack function enables the observation and recording of thick samples.

* Not useable for diagnostic purposes.

Stepwise transfer

For convenient successive observation, the stage can be shifted at a constant rate utilizing a step-by-step function that delivers less afterimage. Six speed settings can be preset for customized scrolling.

USABILITY – User-friendly and simple for operational efficiency

The ECLIPSE Ui system is equipped with an intuitive, easy to use GUI that makes it simple to operate – even for novice users.

The functions needed to observe sample images are arranged in a user-friendly way to allow one to simultaneously view micro- and macro-images in real time.

Magnifications are changeable with the touch of a button

Digital zoom-in/out available.

Easy Focus function

Equipped with the auto-focus function or focus adjustment is possible with the onscreen buttons or the mouse wheel.

Slide bar brightness adjustment

Exposure and aperture control are easily adjusted by dragging the slide bars onscreen.

Color adjustment

Shades and contrasts can be quickly and easily adjusted and saved to the user’s preferences.


Areas of interest can be annotated and point-to-point measurements can be made within the displayed image.

EASY TO USE ON A DAILY BASIS – Functions to support multiple use cases and applications

The ECLIPSE Ui system is equipped with three modes: routine specimen observation, research*/education*, and data sharing. Users can easily select their preferred imaging quality and speed.

* Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


In this mode, cytoscreening is supported. Sample images displayed live on the monitor screen can be used for routine pathological image observation and successive observation. Captured images can be transferred to other pathological systems for later viewing.


Data (sample images, observation spots, etc.) to share or discuss are saved in an external storage*2. This data can be utilized for relevant studies and education.


The system can be used for easy remote consultations.

Sharing live images via the Ui can be instantaneous, making it readily accessible to get a second (or third) opinion of a sample.

The Ui can be fully remote controlled for 1-1 consulting sessions. This is done through a secure, dedicated cloud service with no third-party interface required*3.

*1: Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
*2: Separately sold.
*3: Separate contract must be concluded for using the Remote mode. For communication environment, contact us.

All-in-one compact and well thought-out design

The small footprint of the body measures 422 mm in height, 233 mm in width and 427 mm in depth. The microscope can be readily and easily set up and does not require a dark room as ambient light does not affect the image.

Bar code reading for efficient sample control.

Bar code and 2D code (QR code) are easily read, displayed and saved, reducing the chance of samples becoming mixed-up.

3712 x 3712, above 1 fps

Different resolutions and frame rates to meet applications.

There are two types of image output: LIVE mode for immediate observation, and High-Quality mode for recording and archiving.

LIVE (Observation mode)
1080 x 1080, above 30 fps

High-Quality (Capture mode)
3712 x 3712, above 1 fps

NETWORK ACCESS – Digital medical system compatible with network for remote viewing and data sharing

Users (on contract) may access and operate the system in remote locations to allow for shared medical treatment discussion, collaboration and immediate and accurate observation.*

* Separate contract must be concluded for using the Remote mode. For communication environment, please contact us.
* Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Sample is loaded by the Remote user.


The same image is reviewed both by the user on contract and Remote user.


The system is operated both by the user on contract and Remote user (for focusing, positioning, magnification adjustment, etc.).


Sample is removed by the Remote user.