3D Imaging

We provide imaging services for a variety of 3D model systems. These services include a broad portfolio of assays, live and fixed cell imaging, time-lapse imaging, whole organism imaging, epifluorescence or confocal imaging modalities, intelligent image acquisition, and AI-supported analysis. Our broad portfolio of assays captures our strength, and are highly customizable to client-specific needs.


Challenges in 3D imaging include sample preparation, scientific expertise in the selection of objectives and imaging modalities, and image analysis. In addition, the optimization of antibodies, reagents, timepoints, and cell seeding densities can be time consuming. Resulting in a time and cost-heavy upfront investment.


Our tailored 3D imaging services are offered to customers with 3D model systems, such as cells, organoids, spheroids, animal models, and cleared tissues. At NBIL we leverage Nikon’s NIS Elements software and its AI toolbox to increase experimental throughput and maximize data output. We offer custom AI-trained solutions to address your customer-specific questions, and we deliver your data based on your output requirements.