18.Advanced information Oil immersion operation

Oil immersion operation

Objective lens to use

  • For the objective lens, use the oil immersion objective lens marked “Oil.”
  • Additionally, the black line at the tip of the lens indicates oil immersion objective lens.
Objective lens to use

Items to prepare

Items to prepare
  • Prepare an immersion oil specifically for immersion objective lens, lens paper, and benzene or anhydrous ethanol for cleaning after use.

Dripping immersion oil

Dripping immersion oil
  • Put the specimen on the stage, turn the objective lens slightly, and remove it from the optical path. Drop immersion oil on the specimen (above the condenser lens), and without allowing air bubbles to enter, carefully and slowly put the objective lens back into the optical path.

Checking for air bubbles

  • Remove either the left or right eyepiece, and open the aperture diaphragm fully. Look into the eyepiece tube and check the objective lens pupil (a bright round part). If air bubbles are visible as shown in figure, remove them.

Eliminating air bubbles

    • Try ① and ② to eliminate air bubbles.
    • ①Rotate the nosepiece to move the objective with immersed oil back and forth.
    • ②If there is not enough oil, add more oil.
  • If the air bubbles have not been eliminated even after completing steps ① and ②, wipe off the oil and reapply the immersion oil.
  • ※To avoid getting air bubbles in the oil bottle, turn the nozzle up vertically after dripping the oil and relax the pinched finger.
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