11.Preparation Adjusting the condenser

Adjusting the condenser

Focus the field diaphragm image

  • Tighten the aperture diaphragm until you can see the field diaphragm image in the viewfield.
  • Rotate the condenser vertical movement knob and focus on the field diaphragm's image until the edges can be seen clearly.
  • Rotate the condenser centering knob to center the condenser. Move the condenser to center the positioning of the diaphragm image in the field of view.
  • Rotate the field diaphragm dial and adjust the image's size so that the diaphragm image circumscribes the field of view.

Adjust the aperture diaphragm lever

Adjust the aperture diaphragm lever
  • Set the aperture diaphram lever of the condenser lens to "the same value as the NA of the objective lens".
  • By doing this, the aperture diaphragm will limit to 70 to 80% of the objective's numerical aperture, allowing sufficient contrast.
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