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Digital Manual Contents List

PreparationObserve comfortably
Carrying the microscope
Set up
ECO mode and sleep function
Instructions for how to use the Light Intensity Management
Lamp illumination and adjusting the brightness
Adjusting the interpupillary distance
Diopter adjustments (1)
Diopter adjustments (2)
Diopter adjustments (3)
Stage vertical movement stopper
Adjusting the condenser
Making observations using light field microscopy
Making observations using phase contrast microscopy
Making observations using transmitted light fluorescence microscopy
Making observations using darkfield microscopy
StorageAfter use and storage
After use and storage
Cleaning the eyepieces
Advanced informationObserve at maximum magnification
Oil immersion operation
Cleaning the oil immersion lens
NameOptical system of microscope
Optical system of microscope
Name of each part
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