7.Preparation Diopter adjustments(1)

Diopter adjustments(1)

The purpose of making diopter adjustments

  • In general, the diopter of the left and right eyes differs among individuals. So the diopter correction rings on each of the left and right eyepieces should be adjusted to the diopter difference of the observer to minimize fatigue when observing.

Flow of diopter adjustments

  • Align the diopter ring with the engraved base line.
  • Please do the following.
  • Using the 10X objective lense, rotate the focus knobs to bring the specimen in focus.
  • Switch to the 40X objective lens and turn the fine focus knob to refocus on the sample.
  • Switch to the 10X objective lens again, and adjust the focus by individually rotating only the diopter rings on the left and right eyepieces. Repeat ② and ③ twice to eliminate the visual differences between the left and right eyepieces.

Torque adjustment

Torque adjustment
  • Rotate the coarse focus knob torque adjustment ring to adjust the torque of the coarse focus knob.

Specimen mounting

Specimen mounting
  • Place the specimen slide on the stage with the coverglass facing upward.
  • Fix the specimen slide by putting your finger on the protruding part to open the moveable claw of the holder.
Stage movement
  • Stage movement
    • Coarse focus knob: Approximately 37.7 mm/rotation
    • Fine focus knob: Approximately 0.2 mm/rotation
  • Coarse/fine focus knobs: When looking from the right
    • Clockwise: Moves the stage up
    • Counterclockwise: Moves the stage down
  • Coarse/fine focus knobs: When looking from the left
    • Clockwise: Stage descends
    • Counterclockwise: stage rises

Focus on the specimen

Focus on the specimen
  • Leaving the 10X objective lens in the optical path, look through the eyepiece lens, and focus on the specimen.
  • While looking through the eyepiece lens, rotate the coarse focus knob. Lower the stage until the image becomes faintly visible. Remove your hand from the coarse focus knob and rotate the fine focus knob until the object can be seen clearly.
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