Microscopio de luz polarizada

Discontinuado Replaced by ECLIPSE Ci POL


E200 POL
Optical system CFI60 infinity optical system
Eyepieces Standard set: 10x (F.O.V. 22mm), CM type with 90°crosshair and micrometer scale
Basic set: 10x (F.O.V. 20mm)
Tubes Standard set: Binocular P-TB2, Trinocular P-TT3
Basic set: Binocular E2-TB, Trinocular E2-TF
Intermediate tube Built-in focusable Bertrand lens removable from optical path; Built-in analyzer removable from optical path; Conoscopic/Orthoscopic observations switchable; With plate/compensator slot
Analyzer 360° rotary dial; Minimum reading angle 0.1°
Nosepiece Quadruple nosepiece fixed to main body
Coarse/fine focusing Fine: 0.2mm per rotation; Coarse: 37.7mm per rotation; Minimum reading: 2 microns on left-side fine control knob; Coarse motion torque adjustable; Refocusing system incorporated in stage
Stage 160mmø circular graduated stage;
1° increments and vernier reading 0.1°
Illumination Built-in 6V-30W halogen lamp precentered and prefocused; Continuously variable intensity control
Objectives CFI Achromat P 4X, P 10X, LWD P 20X, P 40X, P 100X Oil
Condenser Dedicated strain-free swing-out type
Polarizer Attachable to bottom of condenser
Compensators Standard 1/4 λ and tint plate; Quartz wedge or Senarmont compensator can be inserted into intermediate tube slot