How to revolutionize our microscope image analysis with AI


  • Dr. Anne-Sophie Mace

    Image Analysis Expert at the Cell and Tissue Imaging Facility at Curie Institute in Paris, France

  • Dr. Simone Lepper

    European Product Manager, Imaging Software & Screening, Nikon Europe BV

How can we revolutionize our microscope image analysis?

How can we automate the extraction of quantitative parameters from our images?

Can we create a tailor-fit workflow for different imaging needs?

Dr. Anne-Sophie Mace will discuss how she manages to automate the extraction of quantitative parameters such as shape descriptors, co-localization, movements, characteristics, and others.

In turn, Dr. Simone Lepper, European Product Manager Imaging Software & High-Content Screening Microscopy, will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning methods are making seemingly impossible tasks now possible.

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