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Using the Nikon Ti2 Inverted Platform as an Optical Bench


  • Ian Ross, Ph.D.

    Senior Biosystems Applications Manager, Nikon Instruments Inc.

Flexibility and modularity are core principles underlying Nikon’s imaging systems and components. In this presentation, we will discuss innovative solutions from Nikon that are designed to maximize flexibility and enable easy customization of both home-built microscopes and fully turn-key commercial systems. Learn how the Eclipse Ti2 with its expandable structure, multiple input and output ports, and easy access to the back-aperture plane can be used as an optical bench. Furthermore, Nikon’s wide range of modular illumination devices from TIRF to photo-stimulation can be custom-combined for your unique application. For those requiring full access to the optical path, Nikon also offers the Ti2-Hardware Development Kit for introducing completely custom components. We will also discuss Nikon’s latest objectives utilizing new immersion media and featuring industry-leading numerical aperture and working distance.

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