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Live imaging of host-pathogen interactions with AI


  • Prof. Pontus Nordenfelt

    Associate Professor at the Infection Medicine (BMC) at Lund University in Lund, Sweden

  • Dr. Simone Lepper

    European Product Manager Imaging Software & High-Content Screening microscopy

10.30 CEST

Pathogenic bacteria are armed with many mechanisms to colonize and invade human cells. Live fluorescent microscopy is a great tool for studies of these interactions but comes with several limitations in order to achieve a quantitative understanding of the pathogenic processes. Prof. Nordenfelt will describe the work in his group where they are using the AI-based module to enhance the analysis of host cell cytoskeletal dysregulation during host-pathogen interactions.

This webinar is created in conjunction with Bergman Labora.

Image courtesy of Oscar André and Pontus Nordenfelt.

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