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How to perform quantitative pathology with AI


  • Dr. Marko Popovic

    Technical director Microscopy and Cytometry Core Facility, Amsterdam UMC location VUmc

  • Dr. Simone Lepper

    European Product Manager, Imaging Software & Screening, Nikon Europe BV

Is there an improvement when we apply machine learning algorithms at the center of this workflow?

Dr. Marko Popovic will discuss how combining machine learning and data analysis helps perform quantitative pathology and assess the efficacy of different cancer treatments in patients.

In turn, Dr. Simone Lepper, European Product Manager Imaging Software & High-Content Screening Microscopy, will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning methods are making seemingly impossible tasks now possible.

Recovering contrast, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, managing challenging acquisition parameters or segmentation have been challenging parts of the image analysis. You can now seamlessly automate these parts with the support of AI and accelerate your research.

Artificial Intelligence and deep learning are powerful tools that help researchers to understand processes in-vivo faster.

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