Nikon's DN100 Digital Network Camera Delivers Revolutionary Capabilities for Industrial and Life Science Applications

jun 14, 2001

For industrial inspectors, pathologists and researchers who have longed for a simple to use digital camera with networking capabilities, the wait is over. Nikon's new DN100 digital network camera captures, transfers and monitors micro/macro images simultaneously. This revolutionary networking capability…

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Nikon Introduces Improved Video Measuring Instruments with Increased Speed, Accuracy and Illumination

abr 24, 2001

Nikon introduces two new products to its NEXIV line of measuring tools, the VMR-3020 tabletop model and the VMR-6555 bridge-design model. This improved NEXIV VMR video measuring series is designed to deliver the fastest, smartest, most accurate performance of any…

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Nikon NEXIV VMH-300 Video Measuring Instrument Provides High Speed, High Accuracy, 3D Metrology

abr 24, 2001

Nikon now offers a high-accuracy edition in their NEXIV video measuring system, the NEXIV VMH-300. The VMH-300 is designed to offer easier operation, faster throughput rates, advanced functions such as comprehensive 3D surface analysis, and updated software to improve workflow…

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Nikon Introduces Eclipse ME600L Industrial Microscope Offering Flexible Illumination Options

abr 16, 2001

The Nikon Eclipse ME600L microscope has been designed for a variety of industrial applications including observations of translucent and transparent materials, such as mineral samples, PCBs, LCDs or films. Using Nikon's patented CFI60 infinity optical system, the ME600L is also…

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Nikon Introduces Eclipse L150 and 150A Industrial Microscope For Materials Science Applications

abr 9, 2001

Nikon has introduced two new microscopes for materials science, the Eclipse L150 and the Eclipse L150A, which features a motorized nosepiece. The L150 is ESD safe for the magnetic head industry, and in addition the universal motorized nosepiece and controls…

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New Study Finds That Use of Ergonomic Microscopes Can Reduce Risk of Workplace Injury, Benefiting Users

mar 30, 2001

Nikon Eclipse E400 Microscopes Used in Study Technologists, diagnosticians and others who sit at microscopes for prolonged periods can sometimes suffer workplace injuries because of awkward positions, movements and postures. But a recent study published in the Proceedings of the…

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Nikon Launches MICROSCOPY U, an Online Source of Education and Inspiration for Microscope Users

nov 9, 2000

Nikon has launched a completely new kind of website, designed to create community, provide education and offer inspiration to microscope users around the globe. MICROSCOPY U, which is accessible at or via the Nikon website, offers an array of…

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Nikon's Digital Eclipse DXM1200: High Resolution Color Digital Camera Delivers Up to 12 Megapixel Images

nov 6, 2000

Microscopists who have been asking for a color digital camera that offers a resolution nearly equal to film will welcome the new Nikon DXM1200. Nikon, long known for its high quality cameras and microscopes, has introduced this groundbreaking digital camera…

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Nikon Offers EPI-Fluorescence Illuminator for Eclipse E200 Microscope

nov 5, 2000

Nikon has introduced a dedicated epi-fluorescence illuminator for its Eclipse E200 biological microscope. The newly developed epi-fluorescence illuminator mounts between the E200 main body and eyepiece tube, uses 50 watt mercury illumination, and is ideal for basic fluorescence observation. In…

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FDA Approves Nikon Micromanipulating Equipment For Assisted Reproduction Methods Including In-Vitro Fertilization

oct 19, 2000

Nikon announces that it has been granted FDA approval to market its instrumentation intended for use in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and related assisted reproduction technology (ART) procedures. These procedures include gamate intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), embryo transfer (ET), intracytoplasmic sperm injection…

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