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Realizes deep imaging with super-resolution

The newly developed NSPARC (Nikon SPatial ARray Confocal) super-resolution detector collects two-dimensional information for each pixel by utilizing an array detector. NSPARC technology enables high-resolution image acquisition with increased signal-to-noise ratio (S/N), providing more spatial information than NDDs. Super-resolution images and higher S/N can be achieved even in deep areas, enabling acquisition of detailed structures. NSPARC's sensitive detection will benefit a wide range of sampling, contributing to more accurate studies.

Baixar AX R MP with NSPARC Brochure (10.85MB)

Características principais

NSPARC Spatial Array Detector Technology

The NSPARC detector comprises an array detector with 25 Single Pixel Photon Counters (SPPCs) that enables collection of two-dimensional spatial information at each scanned pixel, rather than collecting only one intensity value per pixel.

By controlling zoom optics, the size of the illumination spot projected onto the detector array can be adjusted to 1 airy unit, and 0.2 airy units worth of information can be acquired with each SPPC. This allows the NSPARC detector to reconstruct images with higher spatial resolution than traditional NDDs.

With NSPARC detection, the fluorescence emission light is directed through optical lenses to the detector array, where the projected light can fill the array.

Each spot (pixel) from NSPARC contains spatial information, which can be used to reconstruct fine details in a resulting image.

Thy1-EGFP mouse neuron (optically cleared)
Sample courtesy of: Lin Daniel, PhD. SunJin Lab Co.

bottom: NDD

Captured at a depth of around 210 μm

Accommodates macro to micro imaging of large samples

With its large FOV and expansive space under the objective, the AX R MP enables image acquisition of varied specimens and sample sizes. Combined with the NSPARC detector, the AX R MP allows imaging from macro to micro. Imaging of both large samples using traditional detection and super-resolution imaging of fine structures can be achieved within a single experiment. It can also be used while switching to and from confocal detectors, depending on the condition of the sample.

Confocal detector (DUX-VB)


NSPARC detector

The AX R MP with NSPARC supports the entire range of imaging applications, from macro imaging of a sample by image stitching to micro imaging using the super-resolution detector.